At GO MANAGEMENT, our mission is to establish the careers of those seeking to make their creative mark on the world. We are a management company seeking to develop and support new artists, producers and songwriters as they give rise to their talents. We are charged with aiding, responsibly and respectfully, in the cultivation and maintenance of the career of each individual it serves. GO MANAGEMENT further aims to encourage growth of all clients, as both artists and individuals, and serve as an experienced guide through all facets of the entertainment industry.

Meet Our Team


Seemingly personifying the phrase “One Man Show”, Luis A. Duran is truly someone who has seen it all, done it all and had the ability to make it all happen within the music industry. Throughout his tenure within the industry, Duran has worn many hats. From intern to promotions manager to A&R to talent manager, he has easily and seamlessly moved among the ranks and all with the astounding ability to glean knowledge and experience from each endeavor to serve him well in his next.

Dating back to the 90’s, while still working toward his degree in Music Business at Columbia College Chicago, Duran accepted an internship for an independent radio consultant. This taste of the grind that is the music business left him forever changed, with an insatiable hunger to be part of it all. From here he worked a succession of internships, ranging from indie labels all the way to the holy grail of internships with Def Jam Records. Duran spent six long years clawing out a place for himself. With an unparalleled commitment to excellence and an unprecedented work ethic within these unpaid positions, Duran, under the direction of his mentor Ronn Scott, was able to garner the attention of Sr. Vice President of Promotions, Johnnie Walker.

After a brief stint as the mailroom supervisor at Universal Music & Video Distribution, this young man was tapped for the coveted position of Def Jam’s Regional Marketing Promotions Manager for the state of Florida. From 2002 - 2005, Duran worked tirelessly at this new position, quickly establishing himself as an asset to the Def Jam family. By 2005, Duran was once again ready to take on a new role and more responsibility and accepted a position with Warner Music Group Atlantic Records/Special Ops, heading up their radio promotions for the entire MidWest/Ohio region.

Throughout all of these positions, and the experience that came along with them, a fire was ignited within for Duran. What if he were to take his insider knowledge and understanding of how radio promotions worked and use it to break and unknown, independent artist? Sure it was practically an impossibility within the music industry, but then again so was going from unpaid intern to Regional Manager of a major label in record time.

Luis A. Duran decided to take that chance and in 2008 established his own business, GO MANAGEMENT, providing management services to individuals in the recording industry. In that same year he began working with and developing unknown artist and producer Jeremih and Mick Schultz. Under Duran’s careful direction, the duo worked ceaselessly to craft a single capable of amassing enough radio play to grab the attention of every major label in the industry within mere months. That single was the multi-platinum “Birthday Sex”. Luis A. Duran was single-handedly able to generate over 3,000 spins in the national radio market, thus attracting offers from the labels to sign Jeremih as an artist. Ironically enough, the deal was inked with none other than Def Jam Records, precisely where Duran had gotten his start a mere six years prior. It is entirely accurate to say that Jeremih, the first artist signed to GO MANAGEMENT, may never have made his mark on the music scene were it not for the direction and vision of Luis A. Duran.

Since establishing his own talent management company in 2008, Duran has continued to work with and develop artists, producers and songwriters in various stages of their musical careers. During this time, he also enjoyed a position as VP of A&R at Epic Records, once again soaking up as much knowledge and experience as the position would allow to bring to his personal mission.

Currently, Duran and team are back to building from the ground up under GO MANAGEMENT. As he states, “My true passion is working with and breaking unknown artists. Taking someone that may otherwise never have a shot of having their demo heard by the ‘powers that be’ and proving that teaming the right management and talent can make it happen.” With a humble smile Duran adds, “I always refused to listen when people would tell me not to dream so big and I expect the same from the artists I work with. Anything is possible with the right amount of back breaking work.”

And even after more than a decade in an industry that makes a sport of chewing up and spitting out the best of them, Duran continues to succeed with his own brand of polite persistence and commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work. Demonstrating the passion of an intern and the mind of a mogul have been the winning combination for Luis A. Duran, who has yet to make his biggest mark on the music scene.

Casey Okoner / SVP, Creative

Having been born with natural talent as an Artist, Casey has fine tuned his skills to the highest caliber not only as an Artist but in leadership as well.

Nick Duel / Creative Director & Video

With a degree in Fine Arts Nick has parlayed his skills in traditional media into a multifaceted role as a digital artist.

Pedro Suazo / Sr. Web Developer

Specializing in Web Design and Development, including UX and UI. Pedro has over 8 years of professional experience in the web industry.