If ever one man was the embodiment of the phrase “THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL US MAKES US STRONGER”, DLUX is that man. As this amazingly resilient Milwaukee native recounts the tragic events of his life thus far, one can not help but be blown away at his strength of mind, body and spirit. “The abuse I have seen in my life started before I even came into this world, as my mother tried to abort me by throwing herself down a flight of stairs. That pretty much set the tone for my life until I was old enough to take control”, DLUX explains. Not even spared from violence in what should have been the comfort of his mother’s womb, DLUX went on to endure endless beatings from nearly every adult in his life before he was placed into a foster system that proved little more than a money making venture for the families that took him in. In this life full of violence and pain, something emerged within this young man that would overshadow the abuse being leveled at him; his unparalleled musical gift and his ability to pour his pain and his heart into song. The sum total of these horrific experiences proved the catalyst his soul needed to soar to musical heights.

Despite experiences that would crush the souls of most adults, DLUX turned his early torture into his legacy, as he found an outlet for his pain through music. He began climbing the ranks of a fledgling artist, participating in talent shows, Black History programs and grasping at any and every opportunity to perform and sing openly. And though DLUX was able to claw his way out of poverty and violence, his biggest heartbreak was having to leave his three younger sisters with his mother. This sad reality has also served as the driving force behind everything he does. “They are on my mind constantly. Two of my little sisters sleep on two chairs pushed together and one sleeps on the kitchen table. How could I not want to make a better life for them? Their life depends on my success.” By 2014, his commitment to them propelled DLUX to release his first hit single “Bomb Bomb” featuring YMCMB/Wethebest artist Ace Hood. Currently, DLUX spends every waking hour in the studio putting together his newest project, which promises to be a real game changer not only for his family, but for the industry as a whole.